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Order of Jesus Mediador celebrates Padre Alvaro de Boer’s 90th Birthday

On February 3, 2008, the religious progressive community of Jesus Mediador came together to celebrate the 90th birthday of their priest, Padre Alvaro De Boer.


¡Se asoma la victoria!

Perdón presidencial: una victoria agridulce  agosto 1999   El miércoles 11 de agosto el Presidente Bill Clinton se vió forzado a firmar una orden extendiendo el perdón...

CAT Freedom PSA

The Picture of Happiness!

Avelino González Claudio, released to a halfway home in the San Juan area last Thursday, with his son, Juan Antonio González Pedrosa. On behalf...

Avelino Gonzalez Claudio Returns To Puerto Rico

Avelino González Claudio was greeted by dozens of supporters Thursday, Dec 6th, as he arrived home to finish serving a prison sentence. Avelino eluded the...

In Honor of the Grito de Lares

The Spirit of Lares (1978)

As a tribute to that particular historical moment, to Juan Antonio Corretjer, and to that day of national reaffirmation and re-commitment, the...

PUERTO RICO in struggle

“Las cartas” a la venta

La publicación de la correspondencia entre Lolita Lebrón Y Francisco Matos Paoli nos permite ser testigos privilegiados...

Pandemia Y Desquite Hasta El 2 de Enero

Tomado de Claridad por Manuel de J. González Entre 17 de agosto y el...

La nueva etapa de impunidad y privilegio

Tomado de CLARIDAD. Por Eduardo Lalo. Uno Comienza el segundo domingo de la “ultimaria”. La “ultimaria”...

Abey Charrón Walker: El hombre del cartel 2020

¿La encomienda? Redactar un artículo sobre el proceso de elaboración del cartel del Cuadragésimo sexto Festival de Apoyo a Claridad, a celebrarse del 20...

Fundación OLR-Libertá

The Restoration of the Foundation’s Future Headquarters in Rio Piedras

RIO PIEDRAS: In mid-2018, Oscar began conversations with residents in different communities in Río Piedras about the potential for a solid redevelopment project. Because...

Foundation information

DONATION ADDRESS: Fundación OLR-Libertá 417 Myrtle Ave, Ste 68, Brooklyn NY 11205PAYPAL: olr_ftdn@ boricuahumanrights.orgCORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Fundación OLR-Libertá 867 Calle Domingo Cabrera, Rio...

Foundation Objectives:

Maximize the development of human resources, appreciation of the potential for self-sufficiency and beauty that exists in...

Fundraising Priorities and Volunteer Opportunities

The Foundation seeks donations for the following: Rooftop Solar Panels $18,000.00 Water recycling system $10,000.00 Paint exterior/interior $3,000.00 Kitchen cabinets and equipment $18,000.00 Polishing of floors $5,520.00 Office...

Oscar's Journey

Biographical facts & Artists Statement for Carlos Alberto Torres

“When I paint I feel alive; and when I finish a painting it's as if I've reached a mountain top. When I give it...

Two generations: Memories of a Niece

by María Rejdukowski Torres For 26 years, I have been visiting my uncle, Carlos Alberto Torres, in prison, and his strength, dedication, intelligence, and creativity...


by Elizam Escobar Prison reconfirms the great importance of art in our lives, not only to move the struggle for social and political change forward,...

Our Puerto Rican Prisoners of War and Their Art

by Juan Sánchez Art is a multitude of things truly beautiful. Art is life-affirming, celebrative, and uplifting. Art reveals the wonder, the revelation, and the...


Why is there still US Colonialism in the 21st Century?

Juan González, Sandra Rodriguez Cotto and Daniel Immerwahr discussing how the U.S. became an empire and what U.S. colonialism looks like today.

THIS MONTH'S VIDEO: Carlos Alberto Torres Freedom PSA (2009)


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