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Order of Jesus Mediador celebrates Padre Alvaro de Boer’s 90th Birthday

On February 3, 2008, the religious progressive community of Jesus Mediador came together to celebrate the 90th birthday of their priest, Padre Alvaro De Boer.

THIS MONTH'S VIDEO: Jessie Fuentes advocates for Oscar's Freedom at Detroit's Fiesta Boricua (2014)

PR Syllabus

Puerto Rico in Crisis: Government Workers Battle Neoliberal Reform

by Yarimar Bonilla and Rafael A. Boglio Martínez January 5, 2010 On October 15 a one-day general strike paralyzed Puerto Rico’s political and economic capital of...

Puerto Rico, Grappling With Potentially Historic Drought, Expands Water Rationing

by Brianna Lee Puerto Rico expanded water rationing across several municipalities Wednesday as it continues to confront a drought of potentially historic proportions. More than...

The Puerto Rican Nation on the Move: Identities on the Island and in the United States (Summary)

by Jorge Duany Starting with the Jones Act of 1917, which made Puerto Ricans US citizens, this anthropological and sociological study describes the migration patterns...

Puerto Rico’s population swap: The middle class for millionaires (BBC)

By Franz Strasser, BBC News, Washington Puerto Rico's struggling economy has led to an exodus of young people moving to the US mainland - while...


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