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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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My Three Kings Day Gift

February 2008, La Red
By Karina Valentí­n

Last month, I visited (along with Laura Ruth Johnson who is a frequent visiting companion) my Abuelo Oscar, at USP Terre Haute. As we drove towards Terre Haute, Indiana at 5:30 am, Laura and I talked about our past visits to Abuelo Oscar. I did not see Abuelo this past year because on the two occasions I was supposed to visit him over the summer, he was placed on lockdown. I was very excited to see him. During our visit, we talked about international news such as Benazir Bhutto and the national presidential elections, as well as my school life, and my Christmas gifts. Laura and I were mesmerized by Abuelo’s uncontrollable laughter as he recounted stories of his younger years in Chicago. He painted such a vivid portrait of life in Humboldt Park in the 70s. Though there are often hardships to endure when visiting someone dear in prison, every time I visit Abuelo Oscar it is an enriching experience.

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