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Terrorism and Status

Héctor L. Pesquera Sevillano
February 16, 2008 El Nuevo Dí­a
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The mobilization of more than two hundred FBI agents in September of 2005 for the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos; the searches of homes and offices of independentists by commandos of this agency in February of 2006; the subpoenas of young independentists to a Grand Jury in New York, the statement a few weeks ago by Homeland Security that the towns of San Juan, Guaynabo y Caguas were “susceptible to terrorist acts” and the recent capture of Avelino González Claudio and classifying him as a “terrorist” are all part of a very well orchestrated FBI agenda to give the impression that in Puerto Rico there is a terrorist at every corner waiting for the opportunity to plant a bomb.

That want to give the impression that terrorism is growing everywhere in Puerto Rico. In this manner they can justify the enormous budget they have dedicated to maintain offices operating in San Juan, Aguadilla, Ponce y Fajardo… one in every cardinal point, and hundreds of agents and employees on this tropical island.

There are 23 states that don’t have a single FBI office. With this move, the FBI wants to kill two birds with one stone. Considering that the agency represents the interests of the Pentagon, the so called “permanent government” that has no desire to change the current colonial status, the wave of repression unleashed against the independence movement and demonizing it as terrorist have the double intention to, on one hand land a punch at the most combative sector of the liberation movement, and simultaneously plant fear in the hearts of the great sectors of the U.S. population at the prospect of a 51st state full of terrorists.

The truth is that the presence of the FBI in Puerto Rico is unjustifiable.

The fabrication of terrorists is solely a fiction to perpetuate their presence on our island.

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