The Young Lords, a militant, pro-independence, serve-the-people organization, emerged in the US in 1969 as part of the original “Rainbow Coalition” initiated by Chairman Fred Hampton of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party, and grew quickly in Puerto Rican barrios across the US.

 In the face of severe repression by the US government, their ranks united people from street organizations, students, Nationalist families and others in struggles for community control, decent housing and health care, other survival issues, and freedom for their homeland.

 They bequeathed to a new generation an indelible revolutionary legacy of resistance, solidarity and internationalism.

 Come hear from people who participated in and allied with the Young Lords about that vital history and its lessons for today’s decolonization and liberation struggles. We will also commemorate the 11/16 birthday of the late independentista and former political prisoner Lolita Lebron.


Martha Arguello, member of the Young Lords Party, 

Lux Irvin, member of the Black Panther Party, 

Carlos Montes, member of the Brown Berets, 

Corine Fairbanks of Women of All Red Nations (WARN), 

Shannon Rivers, American Indian Movement (AIM), 

Michael Novick, member of SDS & Puerto Rico Solidarity Committee

sponsored by:

Puerto Rican Alliance, Puerto Ricans in Action,

From Decolonization to Liberation (Radio Justice LA show)

Women of All Red Nations, 

Anti-Racist Action-LA. 



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