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Socialist International supports self-determination of Puerto Rico and the release of Oscar López Rivera

By InterNews Service
Published: Wednesday, January 25, 2012

San Juan, Jan. 25 (INS).- The World Council of the Socialist International, which just met in Costa Rica, adopted a resolution supporting the self-determination of Puerto Rico and the release of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, according to today’s report from the Puerto Rican Independence Party (PIP).

PIP spokesperson, Calixto Rivera Negrón, explained that the resolution of the Socialist International (SI) endorses the current call of the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonization that the General Assembly examine the colonial case of Puerto Rico and the demand for the release of the Puerto Rican patriots in United States prisons, in particular López Rivera who this year will have served 31 years behind bars.

The SI, the oldest and largest organization of political parties in the world, also endorsed efforts led by the PIP leadership to grant the Puerto Rican independence movement observer status in the recently created Community of States of Latin America and the Caribbean (CELAC, by its Spanish initials).

Leaders of social democratic and socialist parties from every continent attended the meeting in Costa Rica.

The PIP was represented by a delegation comprised of its president, Rubén Berríos Martínez; former senator and executive president Fernando Martín; the candidate for governor of Puerto Rico, Juan Dalmau, and the candidate for resident commissioner in Washington, Juan Manuel Mercado.

Former senator Berríos Martínez is the honorary president of the Socialist International.

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