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New York City Council Members Support Elvira and Saul Arellano

NBHRN Organizes Solidarity East Coast Events

La Red, October 2007

When most 8-year olds are anxiously awaiting the first day of school, Saulito Arellano was preparing to meet with and speak to Latino and Black elected officials, including members of the New York City Council, the State Assembly and various other local and municipal officials.

The meeting and press conference, organized by District 8 Councilwoman Melissa Mark Viverito, long-time advocate for immigrants’ rights, highlighted and denounced the arrest and deportation of Elvira Arellano. Many Latino and Black elected officials and advocacy organizations were present to lend their support. Later that evening, a rally took place at the Fort Washington Heights Presbyterian Church were over 200 people proclaimed their solidarity with Saul and Elvira.

Rallies also took place in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Cleveland and Washington, uniting around three demands: Stop the raids, Stop the Deportations and Stop the Separation of Families.

The East Coast tour culminated with a successful Day of Education and Prayer in Washington, DC called by Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Over 200 people attended the press conference at which a representative from Congressman Luis V. Gutiérrez’ office and many immigrant advocacy organizations spoke movingly of their support for Saul and Elvira and redoubling their efforts to push Congress to take up the issue of immigration reform.

The National Boricua Human Rights Network organized the Midwest and East Coast rallies and press conferences, which were hosted by various local organizations.

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