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Navy Continues to Detonate Bombs in Vieques

The following article is a press release issued by el Comité Pro Rescate y Desarollo de Vieques (CPRDV) on May 22, 2008

Committee for the Rescue and Development Of Vieques

This notification (below) circulated today on the internet via the Federal Aviation Administration, to warn pilots about the danger zone on Vieques that will result from the detonation of bombs in the ex Navy practice area to take place tomorrow, Friday.

Over the past two years, the Navy has detonated dozens of tons of bombs left on Eastern Vieques during half century of military use of this island municipality. The denunciations and concerns expressed by the CRDV and other Viequense community groups as well as recent statements from the Puerto Rico Chemists Association, have fallen on deaf ears among the agencies responsible for the environmental and our people’s health.

We use this FAA notification, once again, and this cyber network, to energetically denounce the continued destruction of Vieques environment and the health of our families that results from US Navy practices here; practices that enjoy the complicity of the EPA, Federal Fish and Wildlife Service, PR Dept. of Natural and Environmental Resources, the PR Environmental Quality Board, the Governor of Puerto Rico and the Municipal Government of Vieques.

In the face of dangers posed by the constant detonations in the ex bombing range – an area mined with all types of explosives, including uranium projectiles – the federal and Puerto Rican agencies have allied with the Navy in its desire to eliminate the bombs by bombing us, clean our environment by expelling contaminants into the air and protect our health by increasing the level of military toxics in our geography.

We demand the government authorities change their position of blind support of the Navy’s decisions; it’s time they defend the citizens who pay their salaries and for whom they work – according to their respective ministerial duties.

View FAA notification.

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