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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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Message from Carlos Alberto Torres

April 3, 2010

Thirty years ago, on a day like today, a group of Puerto Rican men and women faced the dawn to fulfill their patriotic duty. Although the events of that day would taint the date (as the song says) as that damned 4th of April of Puerto Rican daring; a day that would become a symbol of resistance, valor and sacrifice.

On an April 4th, Puerto Rican men and women dedicated their lives, prepared to pay with interest the debt we all owe, not only to those who in the past defended The Homeland with sacrifice, but also with the hope that the load would be lighter for those who will struggle in the generations to come. We affirm that The Homeland is ours, and it is our responsibility to defend it. Today we commemorate the contributions to our struggle, not only remembering the past, but also affirming today, with our voice and our action, our commitment to the force that our struggle requires of each and every one of us.

Today I again state and reaffirm my thanks to all of you who, with your energetic solidarity and commitment, will make possible not only the release of the Puerto Rican political prisoners, but will also make a reality the aspiration for a liberated Homeland.

Thank you.

Carlos Alberto Torres April 3, 2010

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