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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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Letter from Tania Frontera and Christopher Torres

February 6, 2008

Dear compañeros y compañeras in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean and our Americas:

We want to express our profound thanks and eternal gratitude to you and all the organizations (artists and media included) who for the past two months have generously joined a glorious campaign to support us. However, we know that the campaign has left an impression that takes on a superior value. Along with the help it bestowed on us, the campaign dealt in principle with a decisive action of human fellowship in favor of the Freedom and Dignity of the Puerto Rican people.

It is precisely the principles of this brotherhood, physically distant or near, Caribbean or American, which, according to our Julia de Burgos “makes the nation our common home.” You have all made yourselves felt with aplomb. The emotion of this support has lifted our spirits and the spirits of our families and friends. Your support has also revalidated not only the indelible ties among the great Puerto Rican family on the Island and in the diaspora, but also the blessing of international solidarity, which has never been lacking. Our commitment with the Puerto Rican Homeland has naturally been invigorated.

Every word of support, every embrace filled with affection and the tenderness in your look have been pure manifestations of friendship and the expression of a similar People. Your love has also reminded us of those who throughout history have had to confront the infamy of a juridical process so arbitrary and legal as the Grand Jury; an extremist instrument of coercion which, in spite of international law, is brazenly manipulated through history by the United States government against the patriotic Puerto Rican people in an absurd and futile zeal to persecute and intimidate all those who love freedom and peace with justice.

“Feeling loved strengthens and sweetens,” wrote the eminent Cuban José Julián Martí Pérez. He also wrote that “Love is repaid with love.”

Thus, these sincere words are a humble attempt to note for now and forever our gratitude. We who sign this letter of gratitude know the value embodied by reciprocity and love of the Homeland.

We don’t know what other sinister intentions the United States government is hiding in its agenda against the patriotic Puerto Rican people in the short or long run. Nevertheless, we do know about the illegality that almost 110 years of colonialism represents and that our ideals are not exchangeable. We are convinced that we would never doubt doing our patriotic obligation of uniting with a campaign or initiating one to struggle for the Freedom and Dignity of the Puerto Rican people if (in the middle of this never-ending witch hunt against the independence movement) a Grand Jury of the United States government again subpoenas any Puerto Rican compañera or compañero.

We are comforted knowing that in the people of Segundo Ruiz Belvis, in the diaspora or even on the moon, the Puerto Rican nation will always be illuminated by the same light from the window… that of freedom. Thank you and forward, always, because for the Homeland “we must give our all; it is a duty to give our all. It is imperative.” (Julia Constancia Burgos García). Long live a free Puerto Rico!

In solidarity,
Christopher Torres
Tania Frontera

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