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Important Photo Revealed in Ojeda Case

Jesús Dávila, El Diario-La Prensa
published March 21, 2008

SAN JUAN/EDLP Correspondent- A photograph taken of the cadaver of the commander of the Boricua Popular Army-Macheteros, Filiberto Ojeda, where he was found by forensic experts, shows that he could have been dragged while injured, indicating that someone had access to the interior of his house before he bled to death.

The photo is particularly compromising for the Federal Bureau of Investigations, which has consistently maintained that none of its agents entered the house until the day after the events of September 23, 2005, for fear that there were trap explosives, a story that did not convince many in Puerto Rico, where the case continues to be investigated.

According to the official story, Ojeda, who was a fugitive from the Macheteros’ Wells Fargo theft of 1983, fought with a pistol against a contingent of Hostage Rescue Team agents who went to arrest him after finding his hiding place in a house in the mountains near the town of Hormigueros, in the west of Puerto Rico. According to this version, events took place between the afternoon and early evening, when a sharpshooter from the commando group wounded him with a shot, but from Washington the decision was made to deny entry to render assistance, out of fear that it would be a risk to the agents.

The photograph, obtained by EL DIARIO-LA PRENSA, tells a different story.

It was taken when the body was still rigid and shows the veteran combatant face down on the floor of the living room, with his head against the front door and his legs extended toward the back. Not far from the body, toward the left, is a pistol with the cartridge clip half out.

The most controversial thing, however, is the trail left by his blood.

The majority of the blood was toward the area of the thorax and near the head, which explains the blood that dripped out under the door toward the outside. At his feet there is very little blood and a clear trail showing that during the movement toward the door, drops of blood fell that were not dragged—because he was not totally touching the floor, except at least one of his feet,” but he had not bled to death—as that took place after being the final position.

This seems to belie the position in the report of the FBI’s Inspector General, which indicates that it the day after the events that they pulled the body to be sure that he didn’t have an explosive device underneath. According to that report, the large trail of blood on the floor was produced by that operation, but if that were the case, logical would dictate that the principal pool of blood would have been farther back or would have spread due to the movement of the body.

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