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Human Rights Committee in Puerto Rico announces a Fast for Release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners

A 72 hour fast to demand the release of three Puerto Rican political prisoners will be

the next step of the Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico, in the campaign for the

freedom of prisoners Oscar López Rivera, Carlos Alberto Torres and Avelino González


“They are prisoners for their struggle for the (political) freedom of the Puerto Rican

people, for their social struggle against racism, discrimination and other social issues,”

said attorney Eduardo Villanueva, chair of the Committee which was created 13 years

ago and which, for the past five years, has focused its efforts advocating for the pardon

of the Puerto Ricans imprisoned in U.S. prisons, accused of seditious conspiracy.

The fast will take place from early Friday morning through Sunday at 7:00 p.m. As an act

of solidarity, in Plaza Colón in old San Juan, several cultural activities will take place,

including a night of poetry (Friday), an arts and crafts fair which will include graphic

arts (Saturday), the play “The shipwreck of Freedom” (Saturday night) and a concert

with the participation of Danny Rivera and Los Reyes Magos Cantores (sunday).

Oscar López Rivera, 65 years old, was sentenced to 78 years in prison, while Carlos

Torres, 55 years old, is serving a sentence of 88 years. Both were tied to the Armed

Forces of National Liberation (FALN) and have served 26 and 27 years, respectively, of

their sentences. Avelino González Claudio, 65 years old, is being held in a maximum

security federal prison since being arrested last year at his home in Manatí after 22 years

in clandestiny. Linked to The Macheteros, he is accused of alleged participation in the

theft of $7 million from a Wells Fargo armored car in Connecticut in 1983.

His trial will begin in a month.

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