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HOLIDAY CHEER: San Juan Mayor-Elect Carmen Yulín raises the flag and sings the Revolutionary National Anthem

The mayor-elect participated in the commemoration of the 117th anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag
Frances Rosario
December 22nd, 2012

She described herself as revolutionary, asked that the revolutionary national anthem be sung, demanded the release of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, and called those present compatriots.

In this way, the mayor-elect of San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, affiliated with the Popular Democratic Party (PPD by its Spanish initials), commemorated on Saturday the 117th anniversary of the Puerto Rican flag at the Puerto Rican Ateneo in Puerta de Tierra, San Juan.

In fact, Yulín, still a PPD member of the House of Representatives, was selected to raise the flag in the event which annually commemorates the flag. She raised it with her mother, Carmen Irene Soto Molina, from Lares, and before almost a hundred people.

“I’ve always spoken clearly to the country. Everyone knows I am a sovereigntist. I said it before the elections, I said it in the primaries, and I’m saying it again here. I’m a sovereigntist, I am Puerto Rican, and Puerto Rico is my nation. In San Juan, there will be a space for all the ideologies to converge, and we can work for the benefit of the Capital city and all San Juan residents,” she maintained in an interview with this newspaper.

At the event, Cruz promised that all the flags of Puerto Rico used in the city of San Juan will have a sky blue triangle. She made the promise after the president of the Ateneo, Eduardo Morales Coll, stated that his research proved that that was the original color of the flag.

Antonio Vélez Alvarado first conceived of the Puerto Rican flag. History notes that between June 11th, 1890 or 1891, he reversed the colors of the Cuban flag, and that’s how he thought to make the Puerto Rican flag.

Nevertheless, it was adopted on December 22nd, 1895, during a meeting of Puerto Rican exiles who belonged to the Puerto Rican Section of the Cuban Revolutionary Party in New York. Click here to read complete story in Spanish.

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