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Home Publications La Red Digital Fundraiser for the Political Prisoners at Sonotheque

Fundraiser for the Political Prisoners at Sonotheque

November-December 2007, La Red

On August 17, 2007, the National Boricua Human Rights Network (NBHRN) held a fundraiser for the campaign to release the two remaining Puerto Rican political prisoners, Oscar Lopez Rivera and Carlos Alberto Torres, at Sonotheque Bar and Club. The event was well supported with all of the food and items for the silent auction donated by local merchants. Over 70 people attended and were quite generous during the silent auction bidding! The event included a showing of the 7-minute video, Dissent is Not a Crime, poetry by the Batey Urbano, words by the guest of honor, ex-political prisoner Ida Luz Rodrí­guez and music by DJ Wrek and Nuestro Tambo. NBHRN was able to raffle off two quilts, of Oscar and Carlos Alberto, by local artist Ken Ellis. In a moment of sweet justice, Ida Luz won the quilt of Oscar. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful evening. Over $3,000 was raised that evening! The NBHRN would like to thank everyone that attended and supported the event, including the following merchants and individuals that donated items or services to make the event a success: La Bruquena Restaurant, Michelle Rodriguez of Dynamic Hair Salon, Sultan’s Market, Joe Bryl and Sonotheque, Beth Johnson, Gabriela Reyes, Accentric Design, Leo Negron, Ken Ellis, Miguel Mendez of the Dance Academy of Salsa, Alex Wilson of West Town Bikes, David Meyers, the Batey Urbano and Nuestro Tambo. Again, thanks!

27th Paseo Boricua 2020 (Virtual Edition)

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