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Fundación OLR LIBERTÁ Headquarters

Architect’s rendering of finished building

The Foundation is in the process of acquiring the Libertá Building at 865 Calle Cabrera in Río Piedras. The three-story building, which was a university student residence hall, was abandoned for years and requires extensive interior and exterior remodeling as well as the electrical, water, plumbing and drainage systems. Part of the rehab plan aims for energy self-sufficiency, such as solar energy and recycling water. The Student Community Workshop of the University of Puerto Rico’s School of Architecture, under the leadership of Professor Elio Martínez Joffre, is collaborating with this major project. They have already made proposals for transforming the property to meet the Foundation’s goals and objectives. The idea is to create a model for rehabbing and remodeling that can be an example and a model for rescuing other Río Piedras properties that have been abandoned or are deteriorating.

With the Libertá Building as its base, the Foundation will develop community programs including health clinics, sports clinics, art workshops for children, gardens, the education and development of community leaders (including residences for them), connections with other community organizations in Puerto Rico, social and cultural activities, etc.

27th Paseo Boricua 2020 (Virtual Edition)

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