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Freedom Walk Day 7; new Humboldt Park videos, pics and video

From Enrique Salgado Jr, one of the Humboldt Park Walkers on his Wednesday afternoon walk: This morning I walked alone. This evening I walked with my three year old son, who bike two miles on his tricycle in solidarity with the Freedom Walk for Oscar Lopez Rivera. It was one of my proudest moments…to be able to share this with him and instantly became a very somber moment. I thought about how Oscar was never able to do what I just did. Please support the walk and Pledge via the website

Additional Humboldt Park video: This afternoon I walked with my son and I wanted to share this additional video, because I have never met Oscar with the exception of letters and two times in which I was lucky enough to speak with him on the phone. My son has never met him either yet we know him. He was so proud that he made it all the way around the Park-2 miles. Pledge at

On Thursday, the Freedom Walkers, Michael and Matt were joined by Juan Morales, Northeastern Illinois University student and community activist as they walked to within 60 miles of Chicago. Join the walk on Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th. For more information, contact Peter Vale at

Enrique Salgado Jr on his Thursday walk(s): It was cold, raining heavy and windy. If you couldn’t hear some of the text I said, I look out the window and asked myself, “do I really want to walk today?”. At that moment I realized I had that option, and Oscar doesn’t have the option to just stay home, so I walk. I also said to Micheal and Matt if they got that weather already and walked it GOD Bless them. It was harder mentally more than physically.

This was the beginning of my walk on thursday by the end of the walk I had walked a total of 33.5 miles.

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