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Extradition ordered: Avelino González Claudio will be tried in Connecticut where the incident occurred

By Daniel Rivera Vargas

February 11, 2008 El Nuevo Día
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Magistrate Marco López today ordered the extradition to Connecticut of the presumed Machetero leader Avelino González Claudio, in spite of his desire to be tried in Puerto Rico.

“As a political prisoner, Mr. González Claudio invokes his rights under international law to remain in his homeland,” said attorney Juan Ramón Acevedo, citing some of his client’s written statements.

Ramón Acevedo asked for additional time for the bond hearing, given that they will ask that González Claudio remain free pending trial.

Additionally, the attorney denounced the alleged inhumane treatment his client is subjected to. He assured that he is held in solitary, in isolation, and that they have denied him access to sunlight. Including, he indicated they have not even allowed an adequate meeting with his attorney.

Outside Federal Court, various independentist organizations shouted slogans in support of González Claudio.

He faces charges including bank robbery and others related to the theft of a $7 million deposit of Wells Fargo in Hartford Connecticut in September of 1982 [sic].

The clandestine organization The Macheteros claimed responsibility for this theft.

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