Sekou Kambui and Karen Watson spoke to a meeting of the Program Coordinators of the PRCC on Monday, August 1. Sekou poke about his 47 years of incarceration in the Alabama prison system- he provided the audience with a vivid, moving description of his trials and tribulations as well as his ability to confront the many adversities of prison life.

Restarted his work as a jailhouse lawyer” and how he turned his legal skills to expose the horrors of the Alabama penal structure. The members of the Red Flame for Freedom Collective, then talked about their International to expose the modern day slavery manifested in sex trafficking, mass incarceration and children in poverty. Sekou also thanked the PRCC for its` solidarity throughout the years. Facebook Live video can be seen here: https://bit.ly/sekou-kambui-prcc.

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