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Episode 15: The Harvard & Yale Game Protest

Yale students, Adriana Colón Adorno & Gabriela Morales Nieves, from the Yale Endowment Justice Coalition join the show to talk about Puerto Rico’s debt, divestment, what the day of the Harvard/Yale game protest was like, & how they were able to mobilize & organize so many different people to protest in solidarity for the same cause. Their student organization along with many others were responsible for organizing a protest during the historic rivalry football game between Harvard & Yale in order to bring attention to & demand the cancelling of Harvard’s & Yale’s holdings in Puerto Rico’s debt & divestment from fossil fuels. The audio is a bit different than you may be used to since we spoke to Adriana & Gabriela via Zoom video conferencing.

Host: Joshua Smyser-DeLeon, Twitter @jsdeleon


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Sounds: Notification Sounds + Flor Meléndez Ramos

Photos: Hartford Courant, NBC Connecticut, Grist

Yale Endowment Justice Coalition

Fundraiser for Legal Fees from the Action

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