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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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Calle 13 speaks on Puerto Rican Political Prisoners’ with the President of Argentina

(Interview in Spanish)

“Meanwhile, one of the most recents visits that Pérez (Rene-Residente) has made to the Presidents of Latin America, has been to the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, to dialogue about the colonial status of Puerto Rico. Previously, the Puerto Rican singer had mailed her a letter, stating that his visit would be on behalf of all the Puerto Ricans who have struggled for the independence of Puerto Rico, on behalf of those that are still imprisoned for that, of those who have lost their lives as a result of this struggle and finally, on behalf of all those that continue this struggle.” View the interview here.

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