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Bhatia reiterates his call for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera

bahtiaYesterday, the president of the Puerto Rican Senate, Eduardo Bhatia, once more advocated for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera, the political prisoner who turned 71 Monday, Three Kings Day.

Bhatia made the statement on Saturday during the Three Kings Day in Juana Diaz by the Windy Hill front of the Capitol, where dozens of families shared the ocassion.

“The people of Puerto Rico, aside of political lines, of thought and party, are all in agreement that Oscar López Rivera must be free. On Three Kings Day, Oscar will turn 71, so our prayers, should contain to bring him home in 2014”, Bhatia declared in a press release.

López Rivera was sentenced to 70 years in prison for the charge of “seditious conspiracy” , of which he has served 32. The majority of the political prisoners were pardoned in 1999 by then President Clinton, but López Rivera declined the offer because at that moment Carlos Alberto Torres and Haydée Beltrán continued as prisoners, but were subsequently freed.

Leaders of a political stripes and diverse sectors have urged President Barack Obama to release Oscar López Rivera, after the Parole Board refused to release him.

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