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Bail denied to presumed Machetero Avelino González Claudio

Bail denied to presumed Machetero Avelino González Claudio: Judge orders immediate transfer to Connecticut

By Daniel Rivera Vargas
February 21, 2008
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Federal magistrate Marcos López denied bail to presumed Machetero Avelino González Claudio and ordered his immediate transfer to Connecticut, the place where he will be tried for the robbery of an armored car in 1983.

Attorney Juan Ramón Acevedo offered as bail properties worth half a million dollars, as well as complying with whatever condition the court imposed so that González Claudio could remain free on bail.

Prosecutor Carlos Cardona posited that the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has what they allege to be González Claudio’s fingerprints in relation to missile attacks in the 1980’s. The attorney contested this alleged evidence, stating that it is a historical fact that the FBI has provided much false information when it comes to independentists.

The prosecutor also said that González Claudio had identity documents such as passports, drivers licenses, credit cards and memberships to discount stores. Additionally, he indicated that the passports revealed that he had traveled to Mexico and Nicaragua in the 1990’s.

The magistrate ruled that González Claudio, based on the two decades he had been a fugitive and the charges against him, having used false identities, was a risk of flight and a danger to society.

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