PRCC Board President publishs "Puerto Rican Women Nationalists vs. U.S. Colonialism:  An Exploration of Their Conditions and Struggles in Jail and in Court" in the Chicago-Kent Law Review.

Dr. Margaret Power, President of the Board of Directors of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, recently published an article in the Chicago-Kent Law Review. The article, “Puerto Rican Women Nationalists vs. U.S. Colonialism: An Exploration of Their Conditions and Struggles in Jail and in Court,” grew out of a symposium on Global Women’s Legal History held at Chicago Kent Law School in October 2012. The article examines the legal and

Former Political Prisoner Speaks

    Puerto Rican Nationalist Carlos Alberto Torres to Lecture on His Incarceration, Political Prisoner Campaigns, and Puerto Rico Thursday, October 6, 2011 by INDY STAFF This week, the UCSB MultiCultural Center (MCC) presents Art as Activism: Political Prisoners, and Puerto Rican Independence, a talk by Puerto Rican independentista Carlos Alberto Torres. Torres will speak about his experiences as a political prisoner in the U.S. for 30 years, Puerto Rico’s status as a

Obama: Cuba Must Reform Before US Eases Position

Obama: Cuba Must Reform Before US Eases Position Posted Wednesday, September 28th, 2011 Obama: Cuba Must Reform Before US Eases Position U.S. President Barack Obama says he will always be prepared to change U.S. policy toward Cuba, but has not seen the steps from Havana that would justify lifting the longstanding U.S. embargo. President Obama made the comment Wednesday during an online roundtable discussion aimed at the Hispanic community. The

Final Victory for Francisco Torres and the San Francisco 8

“It took over 4 1/2 years to win this case!” said Cisco Torres. Judge Philip Moscone signed and filed an order dismissing charges against Francisco Torres late Thursday, August 18th. Cisco was the last former Black Panther member facing charges in this 1971 case about the killing of a SF Police Sergeant. In 1973 several of the men were brutally tortured by police in Louisiana to elicit false confessions.  The

Puerto Rico - Macheteros Claim Evidence Of Police Bugging

FBI Interested In Puerto Rican Nationalist Group By EDMUND H. MAHONY and HILDA MUÑOZ, The Hartford Courant,0,3620415.story   7:09 p.m. EDT, September 1, 2011 A high-profile Puerto Rican nationalist claims an apparent electronic tracking device he found attached to his car was placed there by federal authorities in an effort to intimidate him. The claim was made by Hilton Fernandez-Diamante, a member of the Puerto Rico pro-independence group

Honrarán a los Presos Políticos - El Nuevo Día This video shares a clip about the gathering in solidarity with Puerto Rico, September 12th and 13th,2011 in Cuba.  This gathering represents solidarity in the call for justice for the Puerto Rican political prisoners and the Cuban 5.  As the speakers share, commemorating the 143rd anniversary of el Grito de Lares was symbolic and an important date for the community to unite.  

Unknown Boricua: Streaming

Unknown Boricua: Streaming from Juan Sanchez on Vimeo. Juan Sanchez presents a  collection of audio clips, images, and transformative ideas of the “Nuyorican state of mind”.  The streaming presents the diversity of experiences within the history of Puerto Rico and the United States through a flow of images, languages,  and music.      

NBHRN & Centro Sin Fronteras welcome Cuba Caravan to Paseo Boricua

A crowd of 50 enthusiastic well-wishers and supporters greeted Father Luis Barrios and the 22nd Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba last Sunday, July 10 at the Adalberto United Methodist Church. Pastor and activist Emma Lozano began the event with a service and powerful service linking the Cuba Caravan to the struggle to free the Cuban Five, to immigration reform and finally to the campaign to free Oscar López Rivera.