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Foundation information

DONATION ADDRESS: Fundación OLR-Libertá 417 Myrtle Ave, Ste 68, Brooklyn NY 11205PAYPAL: olr_ftdn@ boricuahumanrights.orgCORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS: Fundación OLR-Libertá 867 Calle Domingo Cabrera, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico 00925

Foundation Objectives:

Maximize the development of human resources, appreciation of the potential for self-sufficiency and beauty that exists in Puerto Rico; liaison with other community organizations with similar goals; development...

Fundraising Priorities and Volunteer Opportunities

The Foundation seeks donations for the following: Rooftop Solar Panels $18,000.00 Water recycling system $10,000.00 Paint exterior/interior $3,000.00 Kitchen cabinets and equipment $18,000.00 Polishing of floors $5,520.00 Office equipment and furniture $25,000.00 (Includes dormitory furniture and bunk beds) Administrative expenses...

Community Work in Loiza and Rio Piedras

LOÍZA: During the past 2 years Oscar has been involved with 3 different community projects in 3 different communities in Loíza since he heard that it had the largest youth population in Puerto...




Por E. S. Ortiz González   1. Señalo un punto en el mapa. — Eso es Tombuctú. Un boleto para Tombuctú entonces. Es adonde debo llegar. 2. Billete en mano,  Tombuctú se...
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