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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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2013- Unprecedented Efforts to Free Oscar López Rivera

Jan 6- Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida, San Sebastian HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR

Jan. 10- NYC Panel discussion and book-signing on Between Torture and Resistance, NYC

Jan 12- Play on Puerto Rican Political Prisoners “Crime Against Humanity” Returns To New York

Feb- PR Governor Garcia Padilla advocates for release of Oscar López Rivera

April 11- Dr. Luis Nieves Falcón, Editor of “Oscar López Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance” and Matt Meyers, editor of “We Have Not Moved”, Chgo

April 24- Unjust Incarcerations: The Case of the Cuban 5 and Oscar López Rivera at Calles Y Suenos, Chgo

April 28- 32 Days for 32 Years- Mock Prison cell begins, Chgo

April 28- Thirty-two Women for OSCAR, Dos hermanos bridge, Puerto Rico

May 23- Crime Against Humanity Returns to Chicago

May 14- Puerto Rico House of Representatives asks for Oscar López’ release

May 2013- Juana Colon High School Unites with Oscar Campaign, Comerio, Puerto Rico

May 24- The Case of Oscar workshop in Madrid, Spain

May 29- Mock Prison cells built in San Juan, Caguas, Mayaguez, Ponce, Arecibo, Aibonito, and over one hundred people go to prison symbolically for Oscar. Major cultural, religious, labor, human rights activists spend time in cells. Puerto Rico

May 29- Events in Aibonito, Orlando FL, Philadelphia, PA, Cleveland, OH and NYC

May 29- Closing event for 32 Years x 32 Days, Chgo

May 29- Unveiling of new Oscar Mural in Comerío, Puerto Rico

May 29- Cuban Institute of Friendship Event for Oscar

June 2- NYC Coordinator to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera Mobilizes Contingent to Bronx Puerto Rican Parade

June- Amnesty International (Puerto Rico) Press Release on Oscar Lopez Rivera

June 8- Left Forum Conference Panel Free Puerto Rican Political Prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera in NYC

June- Social Workers from the continent support for clemency for Oscar López Rivera; Puerto Rico Veteran’s Advocate General Supports Freedom for Oscar.

June 12- Boston Art Exhibit invites Solidarity with Oscar López Rivera

June 15- Campaign breaks wall of censorship; Oscar López Interviewed by El Nuevo Día, Univision-Puerto Rico and Claridad Newspaper

June 17- Clarisa López Ramos, Oscar’s daughter, testifies at the UN Decolonization Committee hearings

June 26- Boricuas demonstrate Support for Oscar López in front of US Embassy in London

July 3- Walk for Oscar -From Loiza to San Sebastián, PR

July 4- PR Governor calls for Oscar López’ release during his speech in commemoration of July 4th

July 10- New Oscar Murals en Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

July 18- Puerto Rican Government Commemorates the Life of Nelson Mandela and Oscar López Rivera.
July 25- Philadelphia Vigil for Oscar on anniversary of invasion of Puerto Rico by US.

July 31- Festival Betances Parade in Boston includes a call for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera

Aug 7- New OLR mural in Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Aug 31- EDP University, Puerto Rico dedicates its Commencement to OLR

Aug 25- 10k Marathon for Oscar, Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

Sept 14- Concert for Oscar, San Juan, PR

Aug 31-Sept 1- Fiesta Boricua 2013 Network “dresses” Paseo Boricua with the image of Oscar, gathers almost 2000 signatures, Chgo

Sept. 7- El Nuevo Dia begins to publish Oscar’s letters to his granddaughter, Karina on Saturdays, Puerto Rico

Sept 12- AFL-CIO reclama liberación de Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rico

Sept 18- Oscar Lopez Awarded Order of Ben Barka, Cuba

Sept 19- Un Grito de Oscar con Eduardo Lalo, Literary Reading and Art Show, Puerto Rico

Sept 22- PR Government conference on seditious conspiracy, Oscar López y Nelson Mandela, Puerto Rico

Sept. 23- El Grito de Lares Dedicated to Oscar López Rivera, Puerto Rico.

Sept. 26- Municipality of Aguada Passes Resolution in Favor of Freedom for Oscar, Puerto Rico

Oct 8- Trovas del Mundo para la Libertad, Puerto Rico.

Oct. 24- National Lawyers Guild Convention dedicated to Oscar in San Juan, Puerto Rico

Oct. 26- Hostos Community College Students in Bronx “go to prison” for Oscar López; Cantata Pa’ Oscar, Hostos Community College, Bronx, NY; “Forging the Unconditional Release of Oscar López”

Oct. 26- San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín asks for freedom for Oscar López at Democratic Party Convention, FL

Nov. 21- Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa call for “ Freedom and Justice for Oscar López Rivera”

Nov. 23- Grand March in Puerto Rico mobilizes over 50,000 people, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nov. 23- Grand March in Puerto Rico mobilizes over 50,000 people, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Nov. 23- Editorial El Nuevo Dia asking for Oscar’s Freedom, Puerto Rico.

Nov. 23- Chile por Oscar video en solidarity with Nov. 23 March in Puerto Rico.

Nov. 23- Council of Churches of Puerto Rico passes Resolution Supporting Freedom for Oscar López Rivera in PR.

Nov. 23- March for Oscar in Brooklyn, New York features Rene Perez of Calle 13.
Nov. 26- Network Pasteles Sale raises over $2500 for Campaign

Nov. 30- Puerto Rican Welterweight Daniel Rosario Dedicates and Wins Fight in Oscar’s Name

Dec. 8- 21st Annual Pancake-Waffle Breakfast Raises Holiday Commissary for Oscar and Norberto

Dec. 10- English translations of Oscar letters debut on NBHRN’s website

Dec. 18- “Crime Against Humanity” play on Puerto Rican Political Prisoners premieres in Mexico

Dec. 30- Cong. Alan Grayson (D-FL) calls for Oscar López Rivera’s release.

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Read "Between Torture and Resistance"

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