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“Nosotros No Tenemos Armas Para Echar A Pique Sus Fuerzas Navales,
Pero Tenemos el Arma de Echar a Pique Su Prestigio en El Mundo.” Albizu 1930

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1st day -Saturday, April 28, 2012-Alejandro Luis Molina-prisoner

The First Day: We Are Oscar

Hi Oscar:

2 things immediately come to mind as I start my 24 hour shift.
1) Even though its a 6×6 “cell”-some of the stuff thats not so evident-the atmosphere, the context is radically different. When i asked for bottle of water-(I’m fasting for the 24 hours-to “atone” for what Matt and Juanita have pointed out was my failure to do so at Navi-Jazz [Dec 10], the day you fasted.) I was brought 4 bottles by 2 different people! My point being-the stability, the security of having people care for you while you do your 24 hours in the “cell” don’t begin to approach the instability, the insecurity and the tension of prison life as you have experienced it for 30 years.
2) On the flip side, while it is completely symbolic, the voluntary shedding of all electronics-for me that means iPhone, iPad (I’ll tell you more about the COINTELPRO type entrapment against me involving my own grandson!) and my laptop is a BIG thing. In short, I’m connected to the internet probably all the time. And while other “prisoner/guards” might not take advantage of it, after we got past the “visits”- (its only 11am and I’ve had 3 separate visits so far as well as coffee) I’ve found that I like the sense of solitude and the possibility of reflection-and the process that accompanies it- of being in a different physical location somehow- for me anyway- helps me by being in a different physical locations that force me out of the habit of doing routine work stuff, i.e., tasks, the majority of time.

From my grandson Cristian
He got out of the jail sell (sic) and snuck his phone under the bed sheet and tried to use it when non one was looking. From Cristian Andrés, followed by love from Gabriela Elise, my granddaughter.

5:30pm One thing I can attest to is that the time has flown by. I’ve had steady company and visitors until now, and ironically, its only now that the last person-not even a “visitor” brings a negative experience. Its one of the 3 hypes-alkies that have been hanging around all day in front-at least on of them live upstairs, that asked to use the restroom. My guard (temporary) a graduate of Dr. Pedro Albizu Campos High School, a player in “Crime Against Humanity” who ended up doing some state time himself, almost a year, let him in, and of course, started to talk to him about the campaign, your artwork, etc. There was a noticeable visceral reaction as the alike started insisting that you were a terrorist in the news, that he knew about you from back in the day, etc. A former gang member, and a current alcoholic, he stormed out of the Batey cursing the young person who let him in, full of righteous indignation. Before that however, compañeros(as) from the Batey, the La Voz distribution team, and the Latin@ Coalition stayed until the arrival of my son, Andrés, with my grandchildren Cristian Andrés (9 yrs old), and Gabriela Elise (6 yrs old), who were with me as the COINTELPRO episode against me unfolded. (!) Carmen*, a friend from work, came to visit with her daughter and we spoke about my visit with you.

After the last conversation and visit, I find myself sleepy and want to take a a nap. Leony will be here at 10pm to do overnight. I’ll resume this note in the morning.

Watch the video of Alejandro Luis Molina here, as well as the videos of the other 30 prisoners.

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