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BONUS: Puerto Rican Agenda’s 3Rs Campaign for Earthquake Relief Efforts (Press Conference)

This bonus episode is a recording of a Puerto Rican Agenda press conference Friday, January 10, in Chicago. We also have a video of the press conference on our Facebook page, if you would like to see that version instead.

The press conference was to announce the relaunch of the successful 3Rs Campaign the PR Agenda used to raise money and send supplies to the hardest hit areas of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. In fact, this campaign made Chicago the first in the U.S. to send a cargo plane with supplies to la isla after Maria. Now the PR Agenda is working again to help people in Puerto Rico after a series of earthquakes have hit the island, including 5.8 and 6.4 magnitude quakes.

To donate to the 3Rs Campaign, visit

Host: Joshua Smyser-DeLeon, Twitter @jsdeleon


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