Heavy Metals in Vieques

Recently, an important study was published about contamination in Vieques crops from military toxics deposited on the island municipality during more than half century of bombing and other war practices.  Evaluation of Heavy Metals in Agricultural Produce from an Organic Farm in the Barrio Luján, sector Destino of Vieques (Puerto Rico), by scientists Elba Díaz de Osborne, Pablo Acevedo Acevedo and Arturo Massol Deyá, from the Biology Department of the

Human Rights Committee in Puerto Rico announces a Fast for Release of Puerto Rican Political Prisoners

A 72 hour fast to demand the release of three Puerto Rican political prisoners will be the next step of the Human Rights Committee of Puerto Rico, in the campaign for the freedom of prisoners Oscar López Rivera, Carlos Alberto Torres and Avelino González Claudio. “They are prisoners for their struggle for the (political) freedom of the Puerto Rican people, for their social struggle against racism, discrimination and other social