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Unknown Boricua: Streaming

Unknown Boricua: Streaming from Juan Sanchez on Vimeo. Juan Sanchez presents a  collection of audio clips, images, and transformative ideas of the “Nuyorican state of mind”.  The streaming presents the diversity of experiences within the history of Puerto Rico and the United States through a flow of images, languages,  and music.      

Rally at Puerto Rico's Capitol remember UPR strike (PR Daily Sun)

By Rafael Díaz Torres Special to Daily Sun “Prohibido olvidar” (You are not allowed to forget) is the title of a popular tropical song that has served as a “motto” to those sectors that continually resist the fiscal policies of the current government administration in Puerto Rico. A group of university students made sure that this phrase remains the norm a year after one of the most violent confrontation between

Mexican Independence Day Celebration

To celebrate Mexican Independence Day, the National Boricua Human Rights Network and Centro Sin Fronteras joined Congressman Luis V. Gutierrez contingent on Saturday, September 18 at the Mexican Independence Day Parade in Little Village.

Sanctuary Begins Again at Adalberto United Methodist Church

Chicago Indymedia “This act of civil disobedience by an undocumented mother today is a proclamation of the ‘State of the Latino Nation.’” Following in the footsteps of her friend Elvira Arellano, Flor Crisotomo announced today that she will refuse to report for deportation as ordered by Homeland Security and will take sanctuary in Adalberto United Methodist Church. “I am taking a stand of civil disobedience to make America see what

Statement of Flor Crisostomo: Resisting Deportation

January 28th, 2008 Two years ago I was arrested in a raid that destroyed the lives of hundreds of IFCO workers and their families. The raid was part of the campaign of “attrition” through “enforcement only” that is the current wrong-headed policy of this government. I have exhausted all my legal appeals and I have been ordered out of the country today. I am expected to be one of the