Defend Civil Liberties

Honrarán a los Presos Políticos - El Nuevo Día This video shares a clip about the gathering in solidarity with Puerto Rico, September 12th and 13th,2011 in Cuba.  This gathering represents solidarity in the call for justice for the Puerto Rican political prisoners and the Cuban 5.  As the speakers share, commemorating the 143rd anniversary of el Grito de Lares was symbolic and an important date for the community to unite.  

Remembering Attica

Dennis Cunningham,Michael Deutsch, & Elizabeth Fink: REMEMBERING ATICA Editor’s Note: This article will appear in the September issue of Prison Legal News. It isexcerpted from a longer article available on our website at This year, September 9th will mark the 40th anniversary of the rebellion at Attica State Prison in upstate New York. As one of the prisoner leaders, L.D. Barkley, announced tothe world, the rebellion was “but the

National Meeting Reignites Campaign to Bring Oscar Home

On August 6, community activists and supporters of the campaign to release Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, gathered at the Iglesia Cristo y San Ambrosio in Philadelphia for the National Boricua Human Rights Network National Meeting. Attendees journeyed from various East Coast and Midwest cities with the goal of developing an action plan to advance efforts towards Oscar’s freedom. The meeting, facilitated by NBHRN Coordinator Alejandro Luis Molina

NBHRN Attends G8/NATO Press Conference at City Hall

Representatives of unions, faith based, community, civil liberties and anti-war organizations gathered outside the office of Mayor Rahm?Emanuel, 5th floor, City Hall, on Thursday, July 28, at 11:30 a.m. and delivered a letter to the mayor’s office with demands for permits to rally and march to the NATO/G8 summit in May 2012, and a guarantee of civil liberties and the right to protest.  The letter was written in response to

Friend of Vieques Passes

Father Nelson Lopez, whom actively took part in protests against US weapons testing in Vieques 2003, passed away Monday July 18th. Police officials found Lopez in his Puerto Rico home, from what appeared to be a blow to the neck, however no official cause of death has been reported. The news traveled quickly from Puerto Rico to a small Wisconsin farm house where Lopez’ family is grieving. Patrick Kelly, brother

NBHRN & Centro Sin Fronteras welcome Cuba Caravan to Paseo Boricua

A crowd of 50 enthusiastic well-wishers and supporters greeted Father Luis Barrios and the 22nd Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba last Sunday, July 10 at the Adalberto United Methodist Church. Pastor and activist Emma Lozano began the event with a service and powerful service linking the Cuba Caravan to the struggle to free the Cuban Five, to immigration reform and finally to the campaign to free Oscar López Rivera.

National Lawyers Guild-Chicago hosts Quarterly Meeting in Paseo Boricua

The Chicago chapter of the National Lawyers Guild hosted an event open to all members at Nellies Restaurant on Paseo Boricua on June 3, 2011 in order to kick off quarterly meetings of the chapter. Attorney and Chapter Board Member Melinda Power introduced the speakers and explained that the meeting was held in the Puerto Rican community of Chicago in order to deepen local Guild members’ understanding of the realities

Solidarity with Carlos Montes

On May 25, the Committee Against Repression held a press conference in Chicago to protest the political attack on Carlos Montes, a long-time Chicano activist and founder of the Brown Berets, a Chicano civil-rights organization. National Boricua Human Rights Network member Alejandro Molina spoke, saying “Under Obama’s administration, there have been more attacks on dissidents and more deportations than under Bush. Also under President Obama, the parole for Puerto Rican