32 Days for 32 Years

Day 17: 32 Days for 32 Years Sid Prise

(Prisoner) Sid Prise “I feel deep admiration and love for Oscar Lopez-Rivera, and all political prisoners of this Amerikkkan Empire; Oscar’s bravery in facing the cruelty of 32 years imprisonment, including his first 12 which were spent in total isolation from his and every community inspires me–to know what human beings are capable of surviving when they are committed to ideals as beautiful as Oscar’s. I hope my small part

Day 14: 32 Days for 32 Years Michelle Morales

(Prisoner) Michelle Morales Associate Director, Alternative Schools Network I am doing this to learn what Oscar experiences on a basic level. I am a mother. For the last 7 years I have resisted being a prisoner because I did not want to spend a night away from my son. Oscar has spent 32 years away from his daughter. This is a challenge to me to be uncomfortable for 24 hours