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Campaña de medios sociales en el cumpleaños de Oscar López Rivera (versión corta)

El 6 de enero de 2015 la revista La Respuesta y Red Nacional Boricua Pro Derechos Humanos (NBHRN) hacen un llamado a la acción pro la liberación del prisionero político puertorriqueño que más tiempo lleva encarcelado, Oscar López Rivera. La campaña mundial espera conseguir 100,000 mensajes a las cuentas de Twitter del presidente y del Departamento de Justicia el 6 de enero de 2015, el día de cumpleaños de Oscar


Oscar López Rivera es un preso político. En un libro, Luis Nieves Falcón, describe su lucha por liberar a Puerto Rico y su  encarcelamiento por más de  treinta años en prisiones de los Estados Unidos. ¡ABUSADORES! Lo acusaron de “conspiración sediciosa”  para derrocar al gobierno yanki, como si el pepiniano llevara en sus bolsillos par de bombas atómicas.  Sus manos se ensangrentaron solamente cuando, en el uniforme de los imperialistas,

Obama in the face of Mandela’s Martyrdom

By Manuel de J. González Published: Tuesday, July 2, 2013 On June 29, 2013, U.S. president Barack Obama visited the Robben Island prison cell where Nelson Mandela was held. Although during his official visit to South Africa he couldn’t see the great leader at his hospital bedside, he did have access to the place where he served part of his long sentence. One of the photos that captured the moment


Ana M.Lopez*, spokesperson for NY Coordinator to Free Oscar Lopez Rivera The New York Coordinator wants to express our gratitude for this invite to the Tribute to Juan Mari Bras, a great scholar, patriot and fighter for Puerto Rico’s independence. Juan Mari Bras will always be remembered for his political contributions and unconditional support to the freedom of the five Puerto Rican Nationalists pardoned on September of 1979 by former President

I dream of sharing my life with you

Clarisa López Ramos (Daughter of political prisoner Oscar López) (Presentation by Clarisa López Ramos, daughter of political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, imprisoned by the United States government in 1981, presented at the United Nations Decolonization Committee in the hearings on Puerto Rico on June 17, 2013) June 26, 2013 http://www.elnuevodia.com/columna-suenoconcompartirvidacontigo-1539352.html “For those who struggle, victory will be their reward” (Oscar López Rivera) I was born in Chicago Illinois on January

The Claridad Interview: OSCAR: About CLARIDAD

Originally published: June 25, 2013 http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/content.html?news=DF589D70F237C3C6DEF1EB7B274DF03B Though all the material Oscar receives is subject to censorship, in the case of CLARIDAD he stated that sometimes the prison takes “from four to five days, a week, sometimes two weeks” before delivering it to him. “Usually I get it four or five days after you send it to me.” What do you think of CLARIDAD? “For me, CLARIDAD is the newspaper that

The Claridad Interview: OSCAR: Puerto Rico at the U.N.

Originally published: June 25, 2013 http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/content.html?news=DF10AF3AC1A3B673FC0646E5BB495FAC The Monday before the interview with Oscar coincided with the United Nations (U.N.) Decolonization Committee hearings on the colonial case of Puerto Rico, which concluded with adoption of a resolution by consensus that reiterated the right of self-determination and independence of Puerto Rico. López Rivera recognized the importance and the necessity of attending this forum, both so the case of Puerto Rico is mentioned

The Claridad Interview: OSCAR: Puerto Rico and national identity

By Cándida Cotto/CLARIDAD ccotto@claridadpuertorico.com Originally published: June 25, 2013 http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/content.html?news=DF437A23F52FD99CC5C30D6084EFB448 Oscar, in light of your readings, of the media you have access to, how much are you aware of the social, political, economic situation of Puerto Rico; how do you see the country from there? The independentista fighter expressed some reserve about his vision of Puerto Rico and lamented not having the quantity of information necessary to make a good

The Claridad Interview: OSCAR: Oscar López: ready for whatever comes

“I live proud to be Puerto Rican” By Cándida Cotto/CLARIDAD ccotto@claridadpuertorico.com Originally published: June 25, 2013 http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/content.html?news=E081EB97BD710B2454B08AD2A846DF34 “Well, I get up at four in the morning. From 4 to 4:15, I’m already awake, stretching and getting my body ready to get up.” That’s how the daily routine of our Puerto Rican political prisoner Oscar López Rivera starts in prison at Terre Haute, Indiana, according to what he told us in

The Claridad Interview: OSCAR: 32 x Oscar

Originally published: June 25, 2013 http://www.claridadpuertorico.com/content.html?news=DECA6FE5CFC7A3D0469C74913FD5C055 Oscar shared his enthusiasm about the activities carried out on May 29 in San Juan, Caguas, Ponce, Mayagüez and Arecibo, called 32 x Oscar, on the occasion of the 32nd anniversary of his imprisonment. “It was something surprising, moving, something I hadn’t anticipated, hadn’t expected. It reminded me of ’99; it reminded me of ’79. It’s really interesting, because one discovers the greatness of