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Puerto Rico: A U.S. Colony in the Caribbean

by Margaret Power Illinois Institute of Technology In 1898 the U.S. military invaded and seized Puerto Rico and Cuba during the Spanish-American War. Unlike Cuba, Puerto Rico has not yet achieved independence and the United States continues to exert political, economic, judicial, and military control over the Island. Two early twentieth-century decisions defined U.S. policies toward Puerto Rico. First, in 1901 the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “Porto Rico is

Lopez Rivera Denounces Impact of Colonialism on Puerto Rico at UN

Lopez Rivera Denounces Impact of Colonialism on Puerto Rico at UN June 19, 2017 United Nations, Jun 19 (Prensa Latina) The Puerto Rican pro-independence leader Oscar Lopez Rivera today denounced at the United Nations the impact of the colonial presence of the United States on that Caribbean island since 1898. Speaking at a session of the United Nations Special Decolonization Committee to analyze the situation in Puerto Rico, Lopez Rivera

Oscar López dice que el homenaje debe ser a los pioneros de la diáspora

Nueva York – El ex prisionero político Oscar López Rivera afirmó que el homenaje que propuso otorgarle la dirección del Desfile Puertorriqueño debe ser transferido a los pioneros de la diáspora y a los que trabajaron por su excarcelación, luego de 36 años en cárceles estadounidenses. “El honor va también para los que están confrontando la crisis fiscal, en el sistema de salud y de derechos humanos a los que se

Oscar López Rivera returns home to Chicago – and to a movement

Earlier this year, former President Barack Obama commuted the sentence for Oscar López Rivera, who served 35 years in prison for seditious conspiracy and charges related to his work with the Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacionala (FALN). The militant Puerto Rican independence group claimed responsibility for a series of bombings beginning in the 1970s that resulted in five deaths. López Rivera’s supporters argue that prosecutors presented no evidence linking him

After three decades behind bars, Puerto Rican nationalist returns to Humboldt Park   For a moment late Thursday afternoon, it seemed like everyone in Humboldt Park had turned out to welcome home Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera, newly free after more than three decades in prison. Posters proclaiming “Bienvenido” and Puerto Rican flags blanketed Division Street. A group played bomba music from a flag-festooned float. Dozens of students from a school Lopez helped found decades ago lined a walkway leading

Puerto Rico militant Oscar Lopez Rivera freed from custody after 36 years

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico –  Puerto Rico nationalist Oscar Lopez Rivera was freed from house arrest Wednesday after decades in custody in a case that transformed him into a martyr with supporters but outraged those who lost loved ones in a string of deadly bombings. Wearing a black shirt and jeans, the 74-year-old grinned broadly and waved to supporters through a fence at his daughter’s San Juan home before getting

Anuncian el primer evento público de Oscar López Rivera

Washington – El primer evento del independentista Oscar López Rivera como exprisionero político va a ser el próximo miércoles, cuando se extingue su sentencia y ha sido convocada una ‘fiesta de pueblo’ para la plaza de Río Piedras, indicó la Red Nacional Boricua de Derechos Humanos. López Rivera, convicto principalmente por conspiración sediciosa tras ser vinculado a las Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional (FALN), cumplió 35 años y ocho meses en