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2013- Unprecedented Efforts to Free Oscar López Rivera

Jan 6- Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida, San Sebastian HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR Jan. 10- NYC Panel discussion and book-signing on Between Torture and Resistance, NYC Jan 12- Play on Puerto Rican Political Prisoners “Crime Against Humanity” Returns To New York Feb- PR Governor Garcia Padilla advocates for release of Oscar López Rivera April 11- Dr. Luis Nieves Falcón, Editor of “Oscar López Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance” and Matt Meyers, editor of

Oscar Birthday Celebration and Three Kings Day Service:  a Call to Renewal for 2014

La Capilla del Barrio celebrated Oscar’s birthday Sunday, Jan. 5th, 2014, in spite of the over 18 inches of continuous snow and rapidly dropping temperatures. The birthday celebration and Three Kings Mass, in its 6th Annual Year, began with Pastor Windsor’s welcoming and the invocation. The Capilla kids performed an original Three Kings skit. Then a delegation from Adalberto Methodist Church read a gift, a message from Rev. Coleman, which

Bhatia reiterates his call for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera

Yesterday, the president of the Puerto Rican Senate, Eduardo Bhatia, once more advocated for the freedom of Oscar López Rivera, the political prisoner who turned 71 Monday, Three Kings Day. Bhatia made the statement on Saturday during the Three Kings Day in Juana Diaz by the Windy Hill front of the Capitol, where dozens of families shared the ocassion. “The people of Puerto Rico, aside of political lines, of thought


Spanish follows English. Download the poster here. My humble words for my 71st birthday celebration on 3 Kings Day. I’ve been asked many times how I celebrate my birthday. Since I celebrate every day I wake up alive, that for me is the best way I can answer the question regarding the celebration of my birthday. At my age I believe I’ve lived much longer than I had expected to

14th Letter by Oscar López: "Christmas in Terre Haute"

Dear Karina, Many years ago, when you were still a child, you wanted to know if we had a Christmas tree “at my house.” What you called “my house” was then a small cell. It is still the only “house” that I have. On that occasion, when you asked me about the Christmas tree, I told you the truth: we did not have one, but I painted one that I

13th Letter by Oscar Lopez Rivera: "The Presence of Mandela"

Dear Karina: There are events that, as soon as they occur, engrave themselves in our minds with even the most insignificant details and surrounding circumstances, and compose an image of desolation and pain that will never be erased. I know now that the moment that they told me that Nelson Mandela had died, it will never be erased from my mind. I was touching up a portrait that I am

12th letter by Oscar López Rivera: "A Perfect Window"

By Oscar López Rivera / imprisoned 32 years Dear Karina, I rarely watch television, but on Thursday, November 21st, by pure intuition, I sat down to watch the Latin Grammy’s with other prisoners. When Ricky Martin said, “Justice and freedom for Oscar López!” I shivered with emotion and gratitude. Ricky is a courageous man whose voice is respected. In the same moment, I thought about the march that was going to take place on

11th letter by Oscar López Rivera: "Prayer Between the Wires"

By Oscar López Rivera / imprisoned 32 years Dear Karina, Have you read about the case of George Stinney, a 14-year-old boy who died in the electric chair, accused of committing a crime that it seems that he did not commit? He was the youngest person to receive the death penalty in the US. This took place in 1944, and now a new movement has sprung up that is interested

10th letter by Oscar López Rivera: "The Hands on the Glass: the Dance of Memory"

By Oscar López Rivera / imprisoned 32 years Dear Karina, Recently I was remembering that the great musician Andy Montañez has a painting that I did some time ago with the two of you in it, you with him. I admire you both for different reasons. You, because you study earnestly and take pride in where you come from. Andy, for obvious reasons — because he is a musical institution of my country

9th letter by Oscar López Rivera: "Free Air on One’s Face"

Oscar López Rivera / imprisoned 32 years Dear Karina, A few nights ago, perhaps because I wrote to you before going to bed, I had a dream of your mother and you. The three of us were at the sea, the place I long to see more than anything else, the waves breaking against the Cave of the Indian. You will ask, now that I recount this, what people dream about who have