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All of Puerto Rico's Gubernatorial candidates unite to call on Obama to Free Oscar López Rivera

translation by L. Alejandro Molina Gubernatorial candidates for the various political parties in Puerto Rico, as well as the independent candidates, united to call on the president of the United States, Barack Obama, to release political prisoner Oscar López Rivera, who tomorrow- Three Kings Day – marks his 73rd birthday. Manuel Cidre (independent), Alexandra Lágaro (independent), David Bernier (PPD), Pedro Pierluisi (PNP), Ricardo Rosselló (PNP), Marí­a de Lourdes Santiago (PIP)

Somos Dign@s, Trayecto Dignidad 3

por Sandra Candelaria, Mujeres por Paseo El pasado viernes, 15 de enero el Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño contó con la visita de los licenciados, Nylca J Muñoz Sosa y Juan Francisco Correa Luna, integrantes del colectivo Somos Dign@s. Los licenciados participaron de la Asamblea General del Centro Cultural Puertorriqueño donde tuvieron la oportunidad de presentar ” Health and Wellness in Puerto Rico as a Human Rights Issue”. La presentación mostraba los

1,000,000 Tuits para Oscar

Regalo Pa Oscar-Libertad: Este llamado de acción es para realizarse el proximo 6 de enero 2016, el día de su cumpleaños y el Día de los Tres Reyes Magos mientras que por otro lado el Presidente de los Estados Unidos, Barack Obama entra a su último año en oficina y Oscar en su año 35 como el prisionero político puertorriqueño de mayor tiempo encarcelado. En este dia, la Red Nacional

1,000,000 Tweets  for Oscar

Regalo Pa Oscar-Libertad: This call to action on January 6th, 2016, his birthday and Three Kings’s Day, comes as President Barack Obama enters his last year in office and Oscar enters his 35th year of imprisonment- the Puerto Rican people’s longest-held political prisoner. On this day, the National Boricua Human Rights Network is asking YOU to participate on Twitter and Facebook with these hashtags: #freeoscarlopez #regalopaOscar-libertad Tag @BarackObama and @MichelleObama

The Country’s Petition for Oscar López Rivera

Editorial March 20, 2015 http://www.elnuevodia.com/opinion/editoriales/peticiondepaisporoscarlopezrivera-editorial-2022621/ The hearings in Washington of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, dedicated to Puerto Rico and focused on the defense of individual liberties, must be interpreted, among other purposes, as a summons to the Obama Administration to finally end the prolonged political imprisonment of Oscar López Rivera.  The human rights violations that leave the worst impression on a society are not only those that imply

NYC Hosts Successful 2nd National Meeting- Freedom Pa 'Oscar Now

A Summary of Work and Projected Plans During the Valentine’s day celebration, more than 60 people attended the second national meeting sponsored by the NYC May 30th coalition.  Bad weather all day long-cold and snowing day in NY did not stop the activists from traveling near and far. The meeting was held at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College on Saturday, February 14th, 2015 in the Bronx, NY. The image

The Campaign to Free Oscar: 2014 in Highlights

January * Oscar marks his 71st birthday, and writes to his daughter Clarisa: “I feel very comfortable with my life and in my skin. I know I chose to serve the most just and noble cause that a Puerto Rican citizen could serve. My years in prison are only the occupational hazard that the struggle costs. But I was conscious of what awaited me, because the women and men who


Oscar López Rivera es un preso político. En un libro, Luis Nieves Falcón, describe su lucha por liberar a Puerto Rico y su  encarcelamiento por más de  treinta años en prisiones de los Estados Unidos. ¡ABUSADORES! Lo acusaron de “conspiración sediciosa”  para derrocar al gobierno yanki, como si el pepiniano llevara en sus bolsillos par de bombas atómicas.  Sus manos se ensangrentaron solamente cuando, en el uniforme de los imperialistas,

15th Letter: The offer i didn’t want

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following letter was not published online at ENDI.com Dear Karina, Last Monday I turned 71. I have fully entered a decade in which we are called “old,” but I feel strong, happy to have been true to myself. As that famous Frank Sinatra song goes, “What is a man? What has he got?” I don’t think that at this age it is worth hiding anything from my

2013- Unprecedented Efforts to Free Oscar López Rivera

Jan 6- Chicago, Philadelphia, Florida, San Sebastian HAPPY BIRTHDAY OSCAR Jan. 10- NYC Panel discussion and book-signing on Between Torture and Resistance, NYC Jan 12- Play on Puerto Rican Political Prisoners “Crime Against Humanity” Returns To New York Feb- PR Governor Garcia Padilla advocates for release of Oscar López Rivera April 11- Dr. Luis Nieves Falcón, Editor of “Oscar López Rivera: Between Torture and Resistance” and Matt Meyers, editor of