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Honorary "Oscar López Rivera Way" to adorn Humboldt Park with Chicago City Council Approval of Ald. Maldonado's proposal

by PRCC staff On Wed. Feb 22, 2017 the full City Council of Chicago voted on a resolution, introduced by Ald. Roberto Maldonado, recognizing Puerto Rican Patriot Oscar López Rivera with an honorary street in Humboldt Park. Only 9 aldermen representing wards heavily populated by police officers voted against the resolution. The sad exception was Ald. Waguespack and Ald. Sposato who tried to portray themselves as part of the progressive

La fuerza comunitaria que liberó a Oscar López

Una campaña socialmente activa convirtió al prisionero político en un nombre familiar en Puerto Rico Las gestiones a favor de la excarcelación de López Rivera tuvieron sus momentos altos y bajos. (Archivo) Para muchos, es simplemente Oscar Una campaña activa, arraigada en las comunidades de base y en la pluralidad, convirtió al prisionero político Oscar López Rivera en un nombre familiar en Puerto Rico y muchos sectores de la diáspora. Los


Sunday, January 22, 2017 11:17PM John Garcia ABC News A celebration was held Sunday in the Humboldt Park neighborhood days after President Barack Obama commuted the prison sentence of Oscar Lopez Rivera, a Puerto Rican nationalist who grew up in Chicago. Family and friends gathered at the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture. An big celebration will be held at the museum on May 17, which is when Lopez

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